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(updated 21/9/23)


songs that are in the works, or in the VAULT. we dont talk about the VAULT.

noun: mashup
A musical track comprising the vocals of one recording placed over the instrumental backing of another.
"a classic dancefloor mash-up"

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*holy shit that's my song on the trailer!!!!!

a theme song i wrote for Lokere Sarone, a character from CROSSMOUND.there's a hamilton reference in it,
it's intentional.

a theme song i wrote for Amenia Lyptra, a character from was composed using the Cave Story soundfont.

you can find the full OST album here.

illustrations i made for this trailer!....... i'll leave an embed down below Just for you. now you can't NOT watch it.

some songs i submitted to LAND OF FANS AND MUSIC 5 ACT 2, a Homestuck Fanmusic Album.
(a growing list, hopefully!)

special thanks to Monckat for this KICK ASS cover art, conveyed exactly the type of gloomy feeling i was trying to go with! AND HE IS HOLDING GUNS !!!!!!! THATS AWESOME!!!!!!

OH, and look at this cool visualizer

more special thanks to Artatruc for this epic piece, i almost lost my marbles upon seeing it for the first time. SHE IS SO SCARY!!!!!🫡

OH i wwonder wwhat this link is for